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Mold Removal Albuquerque

Licensed and trained mold remediation specialists in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

Mold Removal Albuquerque

I see you have stumbled along our page! Well this is just great luck for you! Do you have a constant mold problem that you can’t seem to get rid of? Or you have ways to get rid of it, but it eventually comes back? Well Mold Removal Albuquerque is here to help with that.

We are able to remove all kinds of mold problems for you no problem at all. We are also able to give you special remedies to keep the mold away completely with no worries at all. We are able to give you a 100% guarantee of your mold being removed permanently especially if you continually floor the last couple steps at the appointment.

Just a few services that we provide are mold removal, mold remediation, mold testing, mold clean up, mold specialist, water damage repair, drywall removal and you can always get a hold of us for more information!

About Mold Removal Albuquerque

We find communication to be key in a successful work business atmosphere. That includes our employees, co workers, bosses, customers and just any which way you can think of. Everyone has a part to play in this family.

We make it a point to do our work fast, but perfect as it possibly can be. We work hard to get to every single customer so we don’t like to drag our feet because it is important that each job gets to as soon as possible.

Our goal is to not make a customer wait more than a couple hours for service to arrive at their home, but it's not always the case. The longest someone normally has to wait is just till the following morning, unless it is a flood of water damage then we will rearrange to get you in sooner.

Our service is done at tip top expectations and above! We put customer service as number one. Being kind, friendly, outgoing, inviting. You need a good personality to have the customer appreciate you and like you.

The more likeable to employee/worker is the more relaxed the customer will be and will feel much less stressed out. We will be able to take that load off of their shoulders.

Why Choose Mold Removal Albuquerque?

People choose us over other companies because we take their problem seriously. We don’t make them feel like what they are saying or that their problem is going through one ear and out the other. They appreciate all the kind acts that our workers do to provide.

Just some perks that customers have informed us about liking of our company are:

  • We are an insured company
  • Free estimates
  • We have all certified team members
  • Our team is very friendly and professional
  • We give you tips and tricks on getting rid of minor mold problems that are safe for you to take care of
  • We are an honest company
  • We have our customers best interest in mind always
  • We give you mold remediation Albuquerque NM which will show you how to keep your mold problem from coming back
  • We provide mold clean up Albuquerque which will make the mold removal process even more effective

Our team has been around for decades. We are one of the oldest companies in our city. We are very familiar with the area and our customers we have good relationships with.

If there is ever a time you want to call our company we will give you a free estimate right then and there and set up an appointment for you in our books. We are able to answer any questions you may have over the phone and give you any further information you may want to know.

mold remediation albuquerque

What to Expect from Mold Removal Albuquerque?

Our products and equipment are held to a high standard. Even though we are one of the oldest companies doesn’t mean we have mediocre products. We keep things as up to date as possible. We hold onto the older things in case a customer specifically requests it, but even then we will recommend the newer stuff because it is new and improved.

Customers love to choose us because of the respect we give to them constantly. We make sure that they know that we are supporting them 100% and that they deserve the best service out there.

They love how productive we are and hard working. We don’t cut any corners and get the job done for them as soon as we can so they can get back to their normal everyday lives. We do what we can to also work around their schedule if needed.

The process our customers go through from beginning to end is this:

You will call our company about your problem and set up an appointment. Once we have a worker come to you they will inspect your home or business for mold and see if there is more than what you are aware of. Afterwards the testing process begins which is to test how much more there is so then they know what the next step is to make on removing the mold process.

Once they figure that out the mold removal process begins along with the clean up mold. They first clean the mold to make sure no dirt dust or anything is on it. This is so the mold becomes isolated and can’t hold onto anything else, then they begin removing the mold.

After the mold is removed the mold remediation Albuquerque NM process begins. This is super important for our customers because you will have to be the one to make sure the area is ventilated and aired out so the mold doesn't grow back.

Services Mold Removal Albuquerque Provides

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Mold Removal Albuquerque

Once you have the Albuquerque mold removal process come up you make sure to clean up the mold first to begin the isolation process of it.

Once the removal begins though this process is done with much precaution and we reiterate that it is so important that professionals terminate the mold.

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Mold Testing Albuquerque

The mold testing Albuquerque NM will begin after the inspection to determine how much mold needs to be taken care of and what the best approach would be to eliminate the mold entirely.

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Mold Remediation Albuquerque

Afterwards this is where you play a huge part as the customer! Albuquerque mold remediation will show you why you need to keep the area aired out, ventilated and have some kind of light coming in.

We will show you how and give you tips and tricks to make it happen. It will be up to you to keep up on it or else it will grow back because that’s how it got there in the first place.

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Mold Inspection Albuquerque

Mold Inspection Albuquerque NM is where the worker comes in and inspects your home or business to make sure you don’t have mold mold that you are aware of.

This means it could be in the air, it could be on just normal surfaces or obviously on your walls.

Albuquerque NM

Albuquerque is New Mexico's largest city, which sits in the high desert. They have almost always blue skies and 310 days of sun.

They have a magnificent land and are really great for outside sporting events. The sales tax rate is 7.5% and the income tax rate is 4.9%. The population is 560,218.

The cities that surround Albuquerque NM are:

  • Rio Rancho, NM
  • South Valley, NM
  • Los Lunas, NM
  • North Valley, NM
  • Bernalillo, NM
  • Corrales, NM
  • Belen, NM
  • Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM
  • And Surrounding Areas...


"I had a mold problem that just kept on coming back no matter what I did. I ended up deciding to finally call a professional company to take care of it for me. They removed the mold completely and found that they did have to take a small part of my drywall out because the mold had grown so much.

They showed me how to keep the mold from growing back and I am so glad to have this problem I have been dealing with for so long to be finally resolved."

- Sarah W.

"I had mold growing from water damage that happened through my ceiling. I end up having to get that whole chunk removed because I let it go on for too long and the water just put too much damage in, but I'm so grateful that the mold problem is totally gone now and the smell is gone.

When they were over they also inspected to see if I had more mold and they found I have so much mold in the air called mold spores. I had no idea that mold could veen grow in the air. They ended up cleaning my air completely and told me how to keep it from back and how to keep my house ventilated. My home feels much fresher and cleaner now."

- Aaron S.

"I had a pipe burst and water flooded all over my carpets and it was all throughout my home. It was a huge project to be done. I have mold removal Albuquerque taking care of mold I have had in the past so I knew exactly who's help I wanted for this problem!

They came over as fast as they could and started the work immediately without hesitating. It took a long time for the water to dry from my carpets (about 7 days) but it was so worth it especially because I didn’t have to replace them! Thanks for your guys' help again!"

- Jessica D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can mold make you sick?

Yes, mold can make you feel like you have bad allergies or a cold.

What are possible symptoms you may have if there is mold in your mold?

Some symptoms are headaches, wheezing, sneezing, coughing, itching eyes, sore throat, etc.

Does getting an estimate cost anything to get?

The reason is because it is a lot harder for the attic to get aired out and ventilated often and natural light getting in there is super difficult as well.

Are all your employees certified?

Yes, they all go through classes and courses to become certified professionals to work for us.

How do you keep mold from growing back?

You have to let natural air and light and ventilation get in somehow. That is why you don’t see mold ever growing outside, because of the air and light.

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To wrap this article up on Mold Removal Albuquerque I just hope you can see that mold removal companies in Albuquerque may be good, but we can guarantee with ours that your problem will be gone completely!

Just give Mold Removal Albuquerque NM a call today and we can get that appointment set up for you and give you that free estimate and make sure your living environment is safe as can be for you!

Mold Removal Albuquerque

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